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Expansion Joints for Ship Marine

Expansion Joints for Ship Marine

TCI Company adopt advanced technology and state of the art to manufacture all kinds of Metal Expansion Joints for Ship Marine. This kinds of Metal Expansion Joints are mainly for Ship Marine Diesel Engine. And TCICompany had gained lots of Classification Society Certifications which shows the quality of our expansion joints. Including Lloyd's Register (LR), KR and CCS, and we are applying for the BV and GL now also. 


Expansion Joints for Ship Marine

  Technical Characteristic Sheet 

Max Pressure
Test Pressure
Max Temperature
Cycle Life
Above 5000Times
Flow Velocity

Main Matching Engine Type of the expansion joints

5S50MC 5S60MC 6RTA52U 6RTA68TB 6RT72U
6S50MC 6S50MCC 60S60MC 6S60MCC 6S70MC
7RTA62U 7RT-flex50 7RTflex58T-B 7S60MC 7S60MCC
8K90MCC 7RTA72UB 7S80MC 8K90MCC  




If matching for above marine engine type, the stock are available which can ensure the quick deliveries.

The characteristic of the Metal Expansion Joints for Ship Marine are : 

High Temperature Resistance; Seawater Resistance; Chemical Resistance; High Flexible; High Cycle Life; Tight Construction and Reliable Seal.      

      ·Due to the time is precious to the ship and vessel, so to use a Metal Expansion Joints with tight construction, good sealing quality and easy to install onto the gas pipe, diesel engine vent hole and inlet/outlet of the pump whose medium is steam, water and oil as a compensative element is necessary.

      ·Metal Expansion Joints for Ship Marine should satisfy with three requirements: 1,Movement change caused by Expansion and Contraction, Mechanical Vibration and the Special Movement Change caused by hull deformation which influenced by the storm. 2,High Temperature Resistance, Seawater Resistance.3,To ensure the safety of the sailing, the expansion joints must have a high cycle life .

Position which the expansion joints applied :

Pipeline of the steam, water and oil ; Exhaust Pipeline ; Exhaust duct of the Diesel Engine; Inlet/Outlet of the pump


     ·GB1153《Metal Expansion Joints》,used for Piping of Seawater, ballast, Fire Fighting, Oil and steam.

     ·GB12522《Stainless Steel Expansion Bellows》, the piping system of pressure is not exceed 0.5Mpa and the temperature not exceed 550℃. 

The customers of our Metal Expansion Joints for Ship Marine are as below : MAN B&W; STX; Wartsila; DMD; Logger B.V ,The Netherlands; EMS Ship Supply (Germany) GmbH; WMC Marine Consulting GmbH;  

We can recommend the most cost-effective product for any application. The engineering sales teams at TCI Company are ready to assist you with your project !

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